is a network of designers, artists and scientists who employ novel design methods and innovative fabrication techniques to explore and manipulate biological material.

Richard Beckett


Richard Beckett  BA, BSc, MArch, Dip Arch

Richard Beckett is a Lecturer in Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.  His research considers the integration of biological systems including living or semi living material in to architecture and building systems. He is Co-Founder of the BiotA Lab where he leads Research Cluster 7 (RC7) on the Architectural Design Masters program and is Co-Editor of Bio.

Beckett initially studied physiology and biochemistry before going to work in R&D for Glaxosmithkline as a physical properties scientist. He then went on to study architecture, obtaining his undergraduate degree from the University of Westminster and a Masters degree in Architectural Design from UCL at the Bartlett School of Architecture where he is currently a PhD by Design candidate.

His current work focuses on the indoor microbiome, and the potential for a probiotic design approach to architecture whereby beneficial microbes are cultivated in buildings and building materials. He considers how architectural design affects the constitution of these indoor microbial communities which subsequently play a direct role in human health and the normal development of immune function.

He is currently PI on an 18 month – AHRC funded project *NOTBAD, which explores the potential for designing and seeding architectural materials with beneficial bacteria as a strategy to prevent the spread of pathogens and anti microbial resistance (AMR) within buildings.